Category: Issue 1

Self-Epideictic: The Trump Presidency and Deliberative Democracy

"Though certainly not new to human experience, President Trump’s self-epideictic does mark cultural shifts in deliberative styles and argumentative proofs that should be of interest to rhetoricians. The proliferation of self-epideictic may signal changes in how we argue public policy effectively, with a potential chilling effect on democratic deliberation."

Viewing Sleep Dealer as Teoria Povera in the Trump Era: Rhetorical Coloniality, Reality Television, and Water Dispossession

"In this Spanish-English film set in the near future, a high-tech border wall seals off the US from México. Mexicanos no longer enter the US to work and instead use virtual labor technologies to perform services from afar, which serves as a techno-futuristic play on the twentieth century bracero program."

#YESALLWOMEN: Narrative Response to Gendered Violence

"In the aftermath of Minassian's attack, women once again raised their voices. They offer insight into their experiences. They remind the commentariat that we've already had this conversation before, that we've warned about the dangers of online communities that radicalize aggrieved men and champion acts of gender violence."

Book Review: Cole & Hassel’s Surviving Sexism and Flynn & Bourelle’s Women’s Professional Lives

"While sexism is a backdrop for diverse women’s professional narratives in Elizabeth A. Flynn and Tiffany Bourelle’s collection Women’s Professional Lives in Rhetoric and Composition, Kirsti Cole and Holly Hassel’s edited collection, Surviving Sexism in Academia, brings sexism uncompromisingly into the foreground as contributors define, explore and strategize responses to sexism in higher education."