Category: Editorial

Volume 8.2: Contested Publics

"Showcasing the many intersections of public rhetoric, current controversies, and effective pedagogy, the authors in this issue of Present Tense bring to light some remarkable instances of persuasive techniques and offer nuanced critiques of those moments in less than 2,500 words."

Welcome Matt Cox!

Present Tense would like to welcome our new Annotated Bibliography Editor Matt Cox, an Associate Professor at East Carolina University. Matt has a background in Cultural Rhetorics and in technical and professional communication and will take over the responsibilities of providing developmental editing assistance for all new annotated bibliographies. Currently, Dr. Cox is working on

andré carrington’s Article Wins Award

"Present Tense would like to congratulate andré carrington for being accepted into The Best of the Independent Rhetoric & Composition Journals, 2017 (Parlor Press). André's article, "Implicating the State: Black Lives, A Matter of Speculative Rhetoric," was published in Vol. 5 Iss. 2. Congrats!"

Vol. 7.1: Identity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

"Collectively, these articles focus our attention on issues of identity, inclusion, and social justice in realms ranging from sites of education to historical signage, to bathroom placards, to music, and to television. Taken together, these articles offer a view of how rhetoric shapes and is shaped by the multifaceted world around us in profound ways."

Vol. 6.1: Embodied and Affective Rhetorics

"This issue features a range of topics, but despite their diversity, the articles share a common thread of embodiment and affect, two areas toward which much current rhetorical scholarship is directed. While theories of embodiment and affect frame just a few of these essays, all of them reflect the centrality of bodies and emotion in

Vol. 5.3: Rhetoric and Social Justice

"In this issue, we learn that what gets written into law is as important as what gets intentionally omitted and that campus timely warnings are likely neither timely nor warning. We also learn the value of hashtags in cultivating concerned publics, how cynicism can be productive, and how public rhetoric can be a symbolic and

Vol. 5.1: Rhetoric on the Move

"Volume 5.1 continues our mission of publishing a wide variety of rhetorical scholarship on a vast expanse of important contemporary topics. Articles in this issue span the sacred and the secular, the deeply personal and the broadly political. The articles share an interest in movement—how rhetoric moves and exhorts audiences to move"