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Hong Kong tourists donning Chinese Cultural Revolution Costumes

Grassroots Tactics and the Appropriation of State Nationalist Rhetoric: Protest, Mockery, and Performance in Hong Kong

Shui-yin Sharon Yam

“When groups are not allowed access to participate on the dominant platform, they “make do” by refashioning the space using everyday materials that are available to them”

Clock face

Urgency, Anxiety, and Getting to Work: Paranoid Temporality and the Marketing of Higher Education

Jeanne Marie Rose

“Phoenix’s advertisements galvanize a fear of the now and challenge prospective students to respond, framing the opportune moment as a last chance at economic security.”

Perrault's Communicating Popular Science

Book Review: Perrault’s Communicating Popular Science

Kelly Harris

“Sarah Tinker Perrault examines popular science writing to highlight how communication between science and civic society has inhibited the formation of a democratic process of communication between these two populations.”

Buchanan's Rhetoric's of Motherhood

Book Review: Buchanan’s Rhetorics of Motherhood

Maria Novotny

“Rhetorics of Motherhood unveils this discursive construction of motherhood within three distinct historical and American contexts to theorize motherhood as a rhetorical strategy that both disadvantages and advantages women.”

Vol 4.1

Vol. 4.1: Rhetoric and The Public Sphere

“The editors of Present Tense are excited to announce a new issue focused on meaningful political rhetoric, insightful technical rhetoric, and thoughtful critical reviews . Volume 4.1 connects rhetoric and the public sphere and includes cogent articulations of how rhetoric functions in free speech, contested legal issues, and unexpected digital realms.”

Westboro counter protest

Freedom of Speech and the Function of Public Discourse

Michael Donnelly

“Westboro Baptist Church has made clear that they have no real interest in any form of discussion, debate, or deliberation; moreover, they appear fundamentally opposed to the very democracy they’ve appealed to for protection.”

False alarm error.

Enthymeme as Rhetorical Algorithm

Kevin Brock

“The enthymeme, while serving as the central basis for heuristic invention, also works at the local or sentence level as a rhetorically oriented algorithmic procedure through which a rhetor determines the most probable success in persuading an audience to action”

Jan Brewer

Economic Globalization and the “Given Situation”: Jan Brewer’s Use of SB 1070 as an Effective Rhetorical Response to the Politics of Immigration

Jennifer J. Asenas, Kevin A. Johnson

“the realities of economic globalization are an essential feature of the political “given situation””

Computer Lab

Program Review: Digital Composing and the Invention of a Program: Comprehensive Assessment and Faculty Development, Part 2

Ed Nagelhout, Denise Tillery

“Assessment, from our perspective, should help us understand what we are doing and improve the ways that we are doing it.”

Thomas Rickert's Ambient Rhetoric

Book Review: Rickert’s Ambient Rhetoric

Nicholas Crawford, Michelle Ballif

“Ambient Rhetoric succeeds because it usefully synthesizes and extends a broad range of anti-epistemological stirrings from within and outside of rhetoric studies and because it attempts to come to grips with some of the implications of an anti-epistemological shift.”

Book Review: Restaino's First Semester

Book Review: Restaino’s First Semester

Jennifer Sweeney

“Although Restaino’s treatment of theory could appear tenuous, the text’s weaving of storytelling and philosophy invite readers to examine the necessity of connecting theory to the everyday trials of those who actually practice composition pedagogy in the classroom.”

Literature, Rhetoric and Values

Book Review: Hulan, McArthur, and Harris’ Literature, Rhetoric and Values

Jennifer R. Ballengee

“The editors are quite right in arguing that both literature, because of its speculative qualities, and rhetoric, because of its overt concern with “suasion in all its manifestations,” have a particular connection to the issue of values.”

Volume 3 Issue 2

Vol. 3.2: Inquiries on Injustice

“This current issue of Present Tense once again proves that vulnerable populations deserve our attention as we research, teach, and advocate in our constantly changing world. Specifically, Volume 3.2 brings together articles that attempt to critique unequal representations, highlight unjust situations, and expose unfair practices in the world today.”

Racist Visual Rhetoric and Images of Trayvon Martin

Racist Visual Rhetoric and Images of Trayvon Martin

Lisa Lebduska

“racism is an ongoing discourse that both gives rise to and emerges from many rhetorical moments—it is a continuous force requiring continuous opposition. The discourses of racism are as much visual as they are textual and oral”