Category: Volume 6

Twenty-Five Years of Faith in Writing: Religion and Composition, 1992-2017

"As our bibliography of roughly 200 items reveals, composition has long been readying itself for an encounter with religion. Though religious discourse has presented many challenges to our field’s pedagogical and civic projects, the majority of scholars have refused to dismiss religious concerns and attitudes as mere impediments."

Book Review: Gries’ Still Life with Rhetoric

"In the ongoing quest to account for rhetoric’s “dynamic and distributed dimensions,” then, Still Life with Rhetoric contributes a robust new materialist methodology to the burgeoning scholarly reconsiderations of the material, temporal and consequential things of collective life."

Vol. 6.1: Embodied and Affective Rhetorics

"This issue features a range of topics, but despite their diversity, the articles share a common thread of embodiment and affect, two areas toward which much current rhetorical scholarship is directed. While theories of embodiment and affect frame just a few of these essays, all of them reflect the centrality of bodies and emotion in

Affective Rhetoric in China’s Internet Culture

"The affective rhetoric of China’s Internet culture provides an instructive illustration of a kind of rhetorical activity that preserves but exceeds overt and explicit symbolic or referential meanings: a rhetoric that binds and separates people especially by the circulation of affective energy."

Book Review: Owens’ Writing Childbirth

"Throughout the book, Owens recognizes and values the agentic moves of first-time mothers who leverage educational knowledge in their birth plans and those who draw from their own experiential knowledge of childbirth. In doing so, she resists privileging either knowledge."