Vol. 5.2: Special Issue on Race, Rhetoric, and the State

Introduction to “Race, Rhetoric, and the State” Special Issue from Alexandra Hidalgo on Vimeo.

Special Issue Co-editors Alexandra Hidalgo and Donnie Johnson Sackey created a video introduction together (PDF transcript here). After watching the introduction, please click on the links below to reach each article.

They Call Me Dr. Ore” by Ersula Ore

Xicano Indigeneity and the Framing of ‘State Violence’: A Visual/Textual Dialogue” by Santos Ramos and Angélica de Jesus

That Camera Won’t Save You! The Spectacular Consumption of Police Violence” by Armond R. Towns

Baltimore’s Uprising: Diasporic Liberation, Consciousness, and Place” by Alexandra Gelbard

One More Video Theory: Some Assemblage Required” by Sarah Arroyo and Bahareh Alaei

Acceptable Heterogeneity: Brownwashing Rhetoric in President Obama’s Address on Immigration” by Ana Mileno Ribero

Reappropriating Public Memory: Racism, Resistance and Erasure of the Confederate Defenders of Charleston Monument” by James Chase Sanchez and Kristen R. Moore

Michael Brown and the Clash of Civilizations: Activating Racialized History, Normalizing Racialized Violence” by Scott Gage

Implicating the State: Black Lives, A Matter of Speculative Rhetoric” by andré carrington

In the Words of the ‘Last Rhodesian’: Dylan Roof and South Carolina’s Long Tradition of White Supremacy, Racial Rhetoric of Fear, and Vigilantism” by Travis D. Boyce and Winsome Chunnu-Brayda

Habits of Whiteness: The Rhetorics of Racial Categories and the Expansion of the Racial Divide” by Theresa Donovan

Book Review: Richardson’s from PHD to Ph.D: How Education Saved my Life” by Tamika Carey




Alexandra Hidalgo, Multimedia Editor, Special Issue Co-Editor
Donnie Johnson Sackey, Special Issue Co-Editor
Megan Schoen, Managing Editor
Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder, Managing Editor
Caitlan Spronk, Technical Editor
Cristyn L. Elder, Style Editor
Jessica E. Clements, Style Editor
Allen Brizee, Review Editor
Elizabeth L. Angeli, Annotated Bibliography Editor
Joshua Prenosil, Business Editor
Don Unger, Social Media Editor
John Williford, Design Editor

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