Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society is a peer-reviewed, blind-refereed, online journal dedicated to exploring contemporary social, cultural, political and economic issues through a rhetorical lens. In addition to examining these subjects as found in written, oral and visual texts, we wish to provide a forum for calls to action in academia, education and national policy. Seeking to address current or presently unfolding issues, we publish short articles ranging from 2,000 to 2,500 words, the length of a conference paper. For sample topics please see our submission guidelines. Conference presentations on topics related to the journal’s focus lend themselves particularly well to this publishing format. Authors who address the most current issues may find a lengthy submission and application process disadvantageous. We seek to overcome this issue through our shortened response time and by publishing individual articles as they are accepted. We also encourage conference-length multimedia submissions such as short documentaries, flash videos, slidecasts and podcasts. In order to foster dialogue, our journal features a Reader Response section in which both contributors and readers are welcome to discuss the publications’ content in a public, digital space.


Managing Editors
Megan Schoen, Oakland University
Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder, Oregon State University
Technical Editor
Caitlan Spronk, Purdue University
Multimedia Editor
Shreelina Ghosh, Gannon University
Annotated Bibliography Editor
Elizabeth L. Angeli, Marquette University
Social Media Editor
Don Unger, St. Edward’s University
Review Editor
Ryan Skinnell, San Jose State University
Business Editor
Joshua Prenosil, Creighton University
Style Editors
Jessica E. Clements, Whitworth University
Cristyn L. Elder, University of New Mexico
Design Editor
John Williford, Purdue University

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