Special Issue CFP!

Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society invites proposals that investigate, theorize, and/or analyze the rhetorical work of platforms. By platforms, we draw on Tarleton Gillespie to mean “sites and services that host public expression, store it on and serve it up from the cloud, organize access to it through search and recommendation, or install it onto mobile devices.” Platforms encapsulate a complex assemblage of cultural, political, ideological, and economic practices. We are interested in research and scholarship that untangles such assemblages—that is, work that examines the rhetorics of platforms.


Authors are invited to submit 300-500 word proposals in PDF form to guest editors Dustin Edwards and Bridget Gelms at platformrhetorics@gmail.com by March 20th, 2017. Again, we invite work that opens up research trajectories and methodologies that speak broadly to the theme of platform rhetorics, though we encourage contributions that are grounded in specific cases. Queries are welcomed. Please note that published articles will be 2,000-2,500 words in length, and we encourage authors to propose multimedia submissions such as short documentaries, flash videos, slidecasts and podcasts. We also welcome proposals for book or program reviews that are relevant to the theme of this special issue.

More more info and the official CFP, see: http://www.presenttensejournal.org/special-issue-cfp/

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