CFS for Vol. 3.1

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Present Tense is currently seeking submissions for its upcoming issue. We are a peer-reviewed, blind-refereed, online journal dedicated to exploring contemporary social, cultural, political, and economic issues through a rhetorical lens. Present Tense publishes short articles of 2,000-2,500 words, the length of a conference paper. We also encourage conference-length multimedia submissions such as short documentaries, flash videos, interviews and podcasts, as well as reviews that are thematically related to the goals of the journal. The list below suggests topics for submissions.

In addition to our regular articles and reviews, we encourage the submission of annotated bibliographies on specific topics. In coming issues, we welcome bibliographies from scholars, scholarly groups, and graduate courses on queer rhetorics, queer theory, or gender and body rhetorics. If you are interested in coordinating the production of such an annotated bibliography, please contact us at the email listed below.


For formatting and submission information, please refer to our submission guidelines at:

If you have any questions about submitting to Present Tense, please contact our staff at: editors [at]

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