Category: Volume 7

Community Remix in Progress: Sonic Collage as Methodology for Studying New Materialist Publics

"Though all representations of publics are limited because researchers filter the lived experiences of others through their own perspectives to create representative compositions, sonic collages uniquely allow for a multitude of material voices to participate within compositions that highlight each participant’s singular corporeality."

Visualizing Ambient Rhetorics

"The rhythmanalyst, composing with ambient visualities, elicits the rhythmic momentariness of matter. By looping the rhythm in things, animated GIFs reveal an ambient visuality evoking the wondrous warp of being in which we may linger, again and again."

Book Review: Arduser’s Living Chronic

"As the book evidences, the difficulties in making change in the healthcare system are many; however, Arduser’s rhetorical work here that bridges patient agency with patient empowerment and shared decision-making aligns well with the recommendations of policy analysts as well as the U.S. government agencies such as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality."

Book Review: Pritchard’s Fashioning Lives

"Throughout this work, Pritchard’s methodology offers a useful intervention for future rhetorical considerations of literacy: by focusing not on the meaning createdthrough literacy but the meaning his participants give to literacy, Pritchard importantly shifts the focus of his study from literacy being something enacted onto something enacted by."

Vol. 7.1: Identity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

"Collectively, these articles focus our attention on issues of identity, inclusion, and social justice in realms ranging from sites of education to historical signage, to bathroom placards, to music, and to television. Taken together, these articles offer a view of how rhetoric shapes and is shaped by the multifaceted world around us in profound ways."

No Más MAS: Teachers Defining Pedagogies and Themselves in a Post-Ethnic Studies Arizona

"In an era of increasingly vocal and political challenges to and distrust of education at all levels, what happened to MAS may be less of an anomalous tragedy than a harbinger of what’s to come. These teachers’ responses illustrate the splintering, echoing effects of political and judicial decisions on teachers, schools, and education."

Burke, Black Metal, and the Golden Dawn: Deconstructing the Weaponized White Identity Politics of National Socialist Black Metal

"The Nazis of WWII-era Germany famously co-opted the music of Wagner and classic Greek and Roman sculpture for propaganda purposes, but the white supremacists and neo-fascists who carry on their legacy today have found a more fitting tool to win the hearts and minds of today’s youth towards the cause: loud rock music."

The Ethos of Mr. Robot

"Mr. Robot speaks to the increasing complex constructions of ethos in a multimodal media ecology. That there is no position of pure and absolute sincerity, that we are all imbricated in the brutalities of capitalism, is not a novel idea; however, Mr. Robot as content seeks to agitate against the very forms of power that enable it"