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Vol. 6.1: Embodied and Affective Rhetorics

“This issue features a range of topics, but despite their diversity, the articles share a common thread of embodiment and affect, two areas toward which much current rhetorical scholarship is directed. While theories of embodiment and affect frame just a few of these essays, all of them reflect the centrality of bodies and emotion in discourse.”

Vol. 5.3: Rhetoric and Social Justice

“In this issue, we learn that what gets written into law is as important as what gets intentionally omitted and that campus timely warnings are likely neither timely nor warning. We also learn the value of hashtags in cultivating concerned publics, how cynicism can be productive, and how public rhetoric can be a symbolic and material activity.”

Vol 5, Iss 2

Vol. 5.2: Special Issue on Race, Rhetoric, and the State

“What galvanizes our aim is the increasing call by scholars across disciplines to critically engage violence and repression committed by and on behalf of the state. We seek to explore the ways in which the structures of the state explicitly and implicitly normalize violence against communities of color.”

Fig. 2: Activists Deface the CDC.

Reappropriating Public Memory: Racism, Resistance and Erasure of the Confederate Defenders of Charleston Monument

James Chase Sanchez, Kristen R. Moore

“Acts of “vandalism” and activism alter the perception of history, contesting our past and present, and illustrate that systemic racism pervades American culture.”

Vol. 5.1: Rhetoric on the Move

“Volume 5.1 continues our mission of publishing a wide variety of rhetorical scholarship on a vast expanse of important contemporary topics. Articles in this issue span the sacred and the secular, the deeply personal and the broadly political. The articles share an interest in movement—how rhetoric moves and exhorts audiences to move”

Volume 4, Issue 2

Vol. 4.2: Negotiated Locations of Rhetoric

“The editors of Present Tense are pleased to announce a new issue focused on a range of topics, from race and law to the politics of higher education. Volume 4.2 includes articles that explore rhetoric as it exists in many different places, especially as it is employed by disempowered and disenfranchised groups in politically contested locations.”

Vol 4.1

Vol. 4.1: Rhetoric and The Public Sphere

“The editors of Present Tense are excited to announce a new issue focused on meaningful political rhetoric, insightful technical rhetoric, and thoughtful critical reviews . Volume 4.1 connects rhetoric and the public sphere and includes cogent articulations of how rhetoric functions in free speech, contested legal issues, and unexpected digital realms.”

Volume 3 Issue 2

Vol. 3.2: Inquiries on Injustice

“This current issue of Present Tense once again proves that vulnerable populations deserve our attention as we research, teach, and advocate in our constantly changing world. Specifically, Volume 3.2 brings together articles that attempt to critique unequal representations, highlight unjust situations, and expose unfair practices in the world today.”

In Memoriam: Dr. Linda S. Bergmann

“We remember Linda’s legacy at Present Tense as we continue publishing scholarship that advocates the kind of positive change through pedagogy, community engagement, and research that Linda worked toward her whole life. Thank you, Linda, for enriching our lives.”

Vol. 3.1: A Visionary Issue

This issue is our most multimodal collection to date, including our first slidecast essay (“The Quiet Country Closet”) and our first full audio essay (“Voices in Egypt”),
as well as a number of other essays that incorporate
images, video, and additional modes beyond
alphabetic text.

Our First Special Issue: Medical, Gender, and Body Rhetorics

“Medical rhetoric, much like gender and body rhetorics, enjoys a rich interdisciplinary history and so feels at home in a journal dedicated to the rhetorical study of socially significant and timely topics. We seek to expand the field’s endeavors with this special, double issue.”

Editors’ New Academic Posts

Congratulations to the five Present Tense editors who earned PhDs this year and have moved to new academic positions across the country.

We Are Indexed

Present Tense is proud to announce we are now indexed in several major databases.

Enculturation: MacLuhan at 100

Our friends at Enculturation have just published a special issue on Marshall MacLuhan.

Vol. 2.1: A Timely Issue

Volume 2.1 continues our publication’s trend of especially timely work. The articles of Volume 2.1 describe political and technological developments with ongoing consequences: a US public relation firm’s promotion of Gaddafi’s dictatorship; Arizona’s subjugation of immigrant bodies; epistemological production through social media.